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Debating Humanitarian Drones Dec 17, 2012 Jack C. Chow and Nathaniel A. Raymond debate the merits of using drones for humanitarian missions.
Christine Lagarde Keynote Live Stream Oct 25, 2012
The Intelligent Lumberjack Jul 4, 2012 A live chat between UBC professor Gary Q Bull and Madelaine Drohan
Nahlah Ayed: A Q & A Jun 26, 2012 Nahlah Ayed, CBC correspondent and author of A Thousand Farwells, talks to Taylor Owen
The Changing Nature of Warfare and Security Jun 14, 2012 A live conversation with Brown University's James Der Derian and author Noah Richler. Moderated by the University of Ottawa's Philippe Lagassé.
The Militarization of Aid Jun 8, 2012 Retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie in conversation with Philippe Lagassé
Canadian Cybersecurity May 22, 2012 A live conversation featuring Ron Deibert, director of the University of Toronto’s citizen lab.
Military Relief May 17, 2012 Elissa Golberg and Rahul Singh discuss in the shift in the military away from combat towards disaster relief with Philippe Lagassé.
Defending Canada At Home May 11, 2012 A live chat with Stephen Flynn and Wesley Wark, moderated by Philippe Lagassé, on the terrorist threat to Canada. Part of the ongoing series The Future of Fighting, in partnership with CDFAI.
What Are the Military and Foreign Policy Lessons of Afghanistan? May 1, 2012 Part of the CDFAI and OpenCanada series The Future of Fighting

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